Saturday, June 11, 2011

changing table

Emma Taylor's room is finished! The last thing to finish was her changing table area. Glen repainted the changing table that we had gotten free from a daycare that was going out of business. It was black initially! I got both the boxes/baskets on the shelf and the hanging wall flowers at Hobby Lobby. Despite the weird shadows in the picture that the flowers make (it looks better in person), I really love how it turned out! Glen is not sold on the dark brown changing pad cover so I am still on the lookout for another....white maybe?

Also, check out Emma Taylor's crib friends. They are just keeping the crib cozy until her arrival...


  1. so cute! love the wall flowers! about the changing pad...try one in every, green, white, another'll need them:) Ours were in the wash all the time! Although less with a girl than a boy:)

  2. Go with the's a logical reason to tell glen...brown doesn't stain...also it's super cute.