Friday, February 27, 2015

18 month stats {macy}

we went this past week to macy's 18 month well check. she is doing great. she talks a lot. whether anyone can understand her is a different story. she hugs and kisses her sister and the dog all the time. she loves animals and babies. she climbs on everything and has started jumping off things into people's arms without warning. she keeps us laughing and is a little bit wild. here are her stats...

Height: 32 in (47%)
Weight: 26 lbs (84%)
Head: 18 in (31%)

and for comparison here are emma taylor's stats. turns out macy is going to be shorter than emma taylor but maybe weigh the same :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

ga aquarium

for glen's 30th birthday i surprised him with a trip to Atlanta. we dropped the kiddos off in north augusta on the way. we had a delicious (uninterrupted) dinner at farmburger. we walked around lenox mall (and bought some crocs for the girls). on saturday we explored the ga aquarium and then headed back to north augusta. what a great relaxed way to celebrate a birthday!

the biggest thing we saw- a beluga whale...

 photo aquarium amp 30th birthday 012_zpsce6k2s4x.jpg

the coolest thing we saw- a sea dragon...

 photo aquarium amp 30th birthday 004_zps7vb6vfrp.jpg

on glen's insistence we climbed through a child-sized tunnel and got a picture with some penguins :)

 photo IMG_20150207_105112185_HDR_zpshfepc0jj.jpg

happy 30th birthday

glen turned the big 3-0 this past tuesday. we were real exciting and celebrated with chinese food and a plate of cookies. of course emma taylor had to dress for the occassion.

 photo aquarium amp 30th birthday 061_zpsbpxbbqxg.jpg

 photo aquarium amp 30th birthday 073_zpsgh41vgyh.jpg

 photo aquarium amp 30th birthday 056_zpsxovq89lb.jpg

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

1/2 birthday cake

cake is always better with sprinkles :)

 photo macy 18 months 153_zpss06gzpsi.jpg

1 1/2

macy is she has us on our toes and laughing all the time. she is a climber. runner. dancer. imitator. loves everyone. freely hugs. says high to everyone. she has dropped to one nap a day. but sometimes needs a little time out in the morning to refuel (or is it for me to refuel?). she has started to learn some names and adorably calls emma taylor "daylor". love you mace mace!

 photo macy 18 months 122_zpsprsyjd60.jpg

 photo macy 18 months 143_zpstc5ymvmz.jpg

 photo macy 18 months 163_zpsnlca7i7h.jpg

 photo macy 18 months 168_zpsf980kqxb.jpg

3 1/2

 photo macy 18 months 130_zpsqrenuxos.jpg

 photo macy 18 months 136_zpsvpgxovo4.jpg

sisters {february 2015}

 photo macy 18 months 009_zpssbtw5fz5.jpg

 photo macy 18 months 012_zpsegnxszol.jpg

sleeping beauty

 photo macy 18 months 023_zpsdbabi4pt.jpg

dr. macy

 photo macy 18 months 021_zpsgrgzfgbc.jpg