Tuesday, March 26, 2013

visiting fayetteville

this past weekend we visited glen's oldest brother, aaron, and his family. it was a bit cold and rained sunday but we were there to visit...not really see fayetteville. maybe next time. we are so glad that they are now on the east coast instead of the other side of the country. here are some pics from the park we went to on saturday afternoon. thanks becca for letting me borrow these from you!

 photo DSC_0009_zpsc5077fc0.jpg
 photo DSC_0018_zps6ef5ae7d.jpg
 photo DSC_0054_zpsb26b7576.jpg
 photo DSC_0060_zps25eadd09.jpg
 photo DSC_0047_zps234b01a0.jpg
 photo DSC_0077_zpse153c1aa.jpg

an easter wreath

until today our christmas wreath was still hanging on the front door. i rationalized it because it was red and that's good for valentine's day right? so i put a little easter wreath that we can easily turn into a spring wreath.

 photo IMG_7028_zpsc6d25759.jpg

Friday, March 22, 2013

it's a sweet baby...

 photo 1-SCAN0001_zpsbff78fd7.jpg
 photo 1-SCAN0002_zpsb91022d1.jpg
i was totally floored by this! i was SURE that it was a boy. guess i should have listened to the doctor when he said you can't compare one pregnancy to the next. we are excited to have another little girl. i am excited for emma taylor to have a sister, and glen is excited to now have to pay for 2 weddings.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

little chef

lately, e.t. has been loving her wooden fruit and knife set that she got for christmas. clearly her technique and safety precautions need a bit of work, but she has showmanship down. we are hopefully planning to diy a little play kitchen for her 2nd birthday this summer, and i am pretty sure she will love it!
 photo IMG_7017_zps7ca19325.jpg
 photo IMG_7014_zpsf0f2fb90.jpg
 photo IMG_7011_zps79b70fa6.jpg
 photo IMG_7013_zps2c80b2ad.jpg

happy first day of spring

*free ritas for the first day of spring*
 photo IMG_7019_zps815ec4b5.jpg
*fresh tulips from a sweet friend*
 photo IMG_7021_zpsa9ff8481.jpg
*grass sprouting for emma taylor's easter basket*
 photo IMG_7022_zps2446fc30.jpg
now i just wish it was a bit warmer! bring on the warmer weather please!

new (to us) stroller!

i have been peridodically checking craigslist for a double stroller. we LOVE our jogger city mini. it is so light weight, easy to use, and small compared to all other strollers we found out there. one problem...it only holds one child. i found a phil and ted double inline stroller on craigslist and debated over it for days. it was still expensive, but after we had a higher quality stroller that we loved i feel like it would be hard to down grade. we will (sadly) be selling our little city mini in the near future so if you are interested let me know! emma taylor so far loves it and requests it on our walks. hopefully the new baby will love it too!

 photo IMG_7008_zps132c556c.jpg

Sunday, March 17, 2013

sleepy sunday

 photo IMG_7003_zpsc8c6102c.jpg

20 months + strep

emma taylor turned 20 months this past thursday! she also just finished her 3rd bout of strep throat. yes 3 times in the last year and a half. that is a lot. we went back to the dr. when she finished her antibiotic and her throat looked fine. however, she still tested positive for the strep bacteria. don't worry if your child has recently hung out with her. she is not contagious. some people are carriers of this bacteria. we will start another (very strong) antibiotic in a week or so to attempt to clear all the bacteria out and cure her of this carrier status. please be praying that she does well with this medicine and doesn't have too many bad side effects.
otherwise, she is a happy toddler. she has gotten into a "mommy" phase. it isn't too bad just different because i haven't had to deal with hardly any attachment issues thus far. hopefully this phase won't last too long.
 photo 1-IMG_6986_zpsc169d90f.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_6985_zps754ba13c.jpg

Monday, March 11, 2013

19 weeks (baby #2)

1 week till half way there! here i am at 19 weeks with emma taylor. i am a bit bigger this time around which makes sense, and i look like i am carrying higher. doesn't carrying high mean its a girl according to old wives tales? i am thinking it is a boy. pretty sure. i would be very surprised if it was another girl. i am feeling great these days and have been feeling the baby move for 2 weeks now! only a week and a half until we find out the sex. i cannot wait!
 photo 1-IMG_6975_zpsfe443cd8.jpg

daddy's shoes

 photo 1-IMG_6978_zpsdfb610d6.jpg

Sunday, March 10, 2013

family date night

last night we were going to go on a date but our babysitter was sick...and who wants to babysit when you are feeling crumby. not me. so we decided to go on our date anyways. i have been craving some steak and if you are like us you don't cook steak a lot and if you ever do it's probably a cheap cut. we chose outback which happened to work out great. i had a $10/2 entree coupon which essentially paid for e.t.'s meal plus and extra $5 off ours. they had coloring books and crayons and it seems emma taylor does great if she has an endless amount of milk in a "big girl cup". i am so glad that we are not shying away from getting out and doing things with a small child. i do however realize e.t. is super easy going and not all children are like that. for now while we only have 1 to wrangle i hope we keep getting out and having fun as a family.

 photo 1-IMG_6973_zpse833842e.jpg

a little quirk

i am sure that all kids have their funny little quirks. emma taylor seems to have a lot of them, and they make us laugh constantly. recently, she has been displaying some monkey-like behavior or at least that is the only thing i can think to compare her too. at bedtime we read her books before we put her down and then pray for her. usually after reading she will stick her hand in the collar of one of our shirts, pretend to pull something out, and proceed to eat said thing. so weird. however, we can't help but laugh, and so she continues to do it each night. it seriously looks like something off the animal channel. like monkeys picking bugs off each other and eating them. weird but cute. speaking of weird but cute...here is a pick of our little emma taylor.

 photo 1-IMG_6936_zps641056de.jpg

Saturday, March 9, 2013


look what we got in the mail this week!
 photo IMG_6963_zpsfb3659af.jpg
both glen and i were in need of new chacos and due to glen's new reading habit and now interest in running he came upon a new push for barefoot type shoes. we found these and decided to go for them. you trace your feet and they cut custom soles for you. how cool is that!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a little sewing project

after months of doing no sewing whatsoever because my machine was acting up and apparently i can't read directions on how to fix it, i am sewing again. glen fixed it in like 2 seconds. oh engineers and fixing things. just kidding. i am super thankful for him and his abilities. i have started helping a friend sew some cloth diapers and decided to take on my first project for emma taylor. i followed this simple tutorial.

 photo 1-IMG_6922_zps0c839f1a.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_6924_zps23515730.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_6941_zps4689235d.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_6949_zps1fec5c03.jpg

belated valentine's flowers

 photo 1-IMG_6928_zps62a28ba9.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_6929_zps6805f9ae.jpg

cat door

so we are THOSE people. we installed a cat door. i hate having to deal with cat litter (well glen actually deals with it since i get to play the pregnancy-iamnotsupposedtotouchthat- card). we got the smallest one because who wants a giant hole in your door. of course we thought that of course cosmo would be able to fit. cats fit in tiny spaces all the time. not true. he was very reluctant to use it and actually got stuck for five minutes half way in and half way out. no, i did not help him either. i should have gotten a camera but didn't. so we got a medium sized pet door that i found out today our 58 lb dog can squeeze through! i am so looking forward to him not scratching our doors, not having to let him out every five minutes, and NO MORE LITTER BOX!

 photo 1-IMG_6918_zps20ff23ad.jpg