Tuesday, April 26, 2011

glider 2.0

So that glider we got a few weeks back at the yard sale has been sitting unfinished in Emma Taylor's room until now. I had a hard time deciding what exactly to do with it. We decided not to buy replacement cushions which would have been over $100 and decided to make it our own (meaning a little untraditional). Here is a kind of before picture. I didn't get the whole glider before I started recovering...

I am pretty sure every old glider has this same blue fabric on it. Its not really my style. So we found a seat cushion to replace the back cushion. It looks a little small comparing it to the old cushion, but it is surprisingly comfortable. I recovered the bottom cushion and the foot stool with fabric from Hobby Lobby. We have a second floral back cusion but it doesn't exactly match anything else in the room so I think we will stick with solid green.

This next picture shows the colors a little better and all the other baby stuff we are accumulating!

Our original plan was to stain the wood on the glider to match the crib but I think that project will have to wait until the next time around!

Honey Vanilla Pound Cake

I made this Honey Vanilla Pound Cake and served it with strawberries for Easter lunch. It was a small crowd so we took 2/3 of the bundt cake home with us. Knowing that Glen and I couldn't and shouldn't eat the rest of the pound cake by ourselves, I took a good bit of it into the office. Who knew it would be such a hit? It was moist with a slight and subtle honey flavor. It would go great with a cup of coffee. My co-workers have already requested me to make another one to bring in!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Glen + Me {pregnant}

I don't love pictures of just me. Thanks H for taking some of me + glen while I'm pregnant!


We headed up to Greenville to celebrate Easter with H & K! We had an amazing lunch. Thanks for having us!

{Photo Credits K & H}

baby names

I found this Baby Name Wizard tool while reading another blog, and its so interesting! There are so many baby name sites that help you find the "right" one or tell you the most popular. Well this tool tells the trend of the name over the last 200 years or so. The name Emma was really popular in the late 1800s and then its popularity diminshed until the last 20 or so years when it has again gained popularity. Taylor wasn't even on the charts until the 1970s. Although Emma and Taylor are both in the top 100 popular baby girl names for 2010, I am guessing there won't be many Emma Taylors out there!

Multitude Monday, Week 51

579. celebrating Jesus' resurrection with family
580. perfect sunny weather
581. new veggie packed recipes
582. cool mornings
583. a new bathing suit cover up
584. dark chocolate M & M's
585. its strawberry season
586. we get to go to the beach this weekend
587. friday=day off
588. 11 weeks left
589. only 9 weeks of work
590. our roses are about to explode with blooms
591. pollen has lessened
592. emma taylor's ridiculous acrobatics let me know she's doing well

Week 50

Thursday, April 21, 2011

28 weeks + the 3rd trimester

I can't believe I am in the 3rd trimester already. Only 12 weeks left! I used to think that I wouldn't want to make it all the way to my due date, but at this point I would like Emma Taylor to be cooking in there the full 40 weeks. I am sure when we are nearing that time I might change my mind, but it seems like it is coming so fast.

I officially feel big. I am not uncomfortable except when she turns and gets into my rib space but I do feel big. According to the What To Expect emails I have been receiving she probably weighs 2.5 lbs and will be gaining 2 more lbs. in the next month. That is almost doubling in size! So ask me in a month how I feel. I assume it might change from feeling big to enormous.

After much looking for glider cushion replacements and a few returns after hasty decisions. We found a nontradional cushion for the back and I sewed a cover for the existing cushion on the seat. It was square so I didn't feel like it would be too much trouble. Now all we have to do is recover the foot stool and we are ready to glide...

Lastly, I can't get enough burgers! Maybe its the protein (because I don't think I eat enough of that) or the iron in the red meat, but they just make me feel better. So in honor of Glen's return from FL on a business trip we are grilling burgers and baking sweet potato fries!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Multitude Monday, Week 50

567. our beach weekend was cheaper than we thought
568. Glen made it safe to FL
569. Glen gets to go to FL
570. organized book shelves
571. challenging Sunday school classes
572. lunches on our front porch
573. the cool weather
574. feeling good and energized
575. I will be in my third trimester this week
576. Sonic is really close to our house
577. the A/C in our Oldsmobile is working
578. Netflix Instant

Week 49

Saturday, April 16, 2011

baby art

{art for emma taylor's room}

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

I found a new food blog! I decided to try this recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken, but since we didn't have any charcoal, I decided to just bake it instead of running out to get some. We eat chicken probably 95% of the time with dinner so its nice to find new ways to cook it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Vacation Weekend Booked

I have been dying to go to the beach, and with little Emma Taylor coming this July we don't have a lot of options or a lot of disposable income. Luckily after much searching we found a reasonably priced condo in Edisto that will rent to us for just the weekend, and when you split the cost with friends it makes it very reasonably priced! I am so glad we found a place in Edisto because we have grand plans to go crabbing and cook them that weekend. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this fun and relaxing weekend especially because after that we have a pretty booked schedule until June when I plan to do nothing except get ready for Emma Taylor.

I hope you have a fun vacation to look forward too!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodbye Table

We officially have no table. We technically sold it last weekend, but it wasn't picked up until this past Saturday. I am sad that we no longer have it. We put a lot of work into it and it was sad to see it go. We did however get a ton of positive feedback about it. I was overwhelmed by the response from the blog, facebook, and Craig's List. It kinda makes me feel that all that effort was worth it.

So now we have a sadly empty dining room. I guess that's motivation to get working on the new table.

To add to our furniture fixing up projects- we now also have a new-to-us glider we got from a yard sale this weekend. I need to replace the cushions, and Glen is thinking about sanding it down and staining it to match the crib. We have a lot to do in the next 3 months!

Multitude Monday, Week 49

555. dog festivals
556. parks near by
557. my sisters came to visit
558. yard sale finds
559. grilling weather
560. air conditioning
561. dinner with friends
562. beach trips
563. breakfast for dinner
564. emma taylor's due date is coming fast (or so it seems)
565. only 12 weeks left of work
564. its cool enough to keep walking
565. keeping up through blogs
566. long awaited announcements

Week 48

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bark to the Park

This past Saturday we went to Bark to the Park downtown. Yes we are those people and we had a blast. I think Abby had more fun though. She was wiped out by the time we came back and we only stayed 2 hours or less.

She got to drink from our water bottles...

She waited in line to get in the pool...

and when she got into the pool she had her own personal servant pour water over her.

She also watched a frisbee dog show and saw some awesome tricks that she wants to aspire to do one day.

And she of course had some pretty cool people to hang out with...

Chicken Caesar Pitas

I like Chili's. Glen, however, does not. He has good reason though. A few years ago we went there on his birthday, and he got food poisoning. He was the sickest he had ever been. He hasn't been back. I have gone back several times since, and I always get the same thing- a Chicken Caesar Pita. The past 2 times I have been there I discovered that they took it off the menu. However, they were nice enough to still make it for me! Now I don't have to go to Chili's to get my Chicken Caesar Pita because we made them ourselves, and they were quite tasty if I do say so myself. Nothing better than grilling out on a friday night, relaxing with the friends especially when you go out to Nonnah's for dessert afterwards!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak to the art we are painting to go in Emma Taylor's room. We only bought one canvas to start off with because we didn't want to risk not liking the first one and being stuck with 2 others. I love it so far so now we just have to wait for some more 40 % off coupons or a sale to get the other two.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

26 weeks + less than 3 months work

I am 26 weeks! I feel like I grew a ton last week and now really feel like I am getting more pregnant and less baby bump (if that makes any sense). I have turned in my last day request (June30) and now officially have less than 3 months left at work. It's kind of a weird feeling. I know it will be an adjustment, but I am so excited that I have the opportunity to stay home with Emma Taylor.

We are on our way to decorating Emma Taylor's room and fixing all the freebie stuff that we got so it is ready. Glen started painting her changing table (which was black) white and hopefully will be done this week. I got the art supplies to start painting the art work we are putting on her wall. Hopefully those will turn out well! We will post pictures when we finish.

We are also attempting to plan our last weekend getaway/vacation before Emma Taylor comes. Hopefully all the details will work out, and we will have a relaxing weekend at the beach. If not, a day trip will have to do.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitude Monday, Week 48

539. allergy medicine that I can take
540. buy on get one cupcakes
541. new flowers planted
542. "Emma Taylor Projects" underway
543. she moves like a ninja
544. new recipes
545. our table sold
546. planning our new table's redo
547. an honest small group
548. picnic at the park
549. baseball with little kids
550. I got some sun that will hopefully turn into a tan
551. planning our last weekend trip before baby
552. inspiring sermons
553. free chicken sandwich mondays
554. strawberry season

Week 47

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chicken Fried Steak

I love the pioneer woman. If I am in search of something to cook I always go to her site first. Recently we made this recipe. Good ole southern cooking. Yum!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Table for sale

A few weeks ago we went to His House because I had seen a glider that was in really good shape the week before. Well, the glider was already gone, but we came home with a table. It was only $20, and it needs some work. However, its style matches our chairs and coffee table in the living room area and we plan to stain it (not paint it, like our current table). I think it will be more convenient and easier to care for. As of right now every time we have kids over I am scared that they will scratch or mess up the table. I love our table now and we put so much work into restoring it (its another His House rescue), but I hope someone else will enjoy it as much as we have. I am officially listing it on Craig's List today!

Limbless Cosmo

Imagine what cosmo would look like with no arms, legs, or a tail. You won't have to. This is one his most favorite positions to sleep in...