Thursday, April 21, 2011

28 weeks + the 3rd trimester

I can't believe I am in the 3rd trimester already. Only 12 weeks left! I used to think that I wouldn't want to make it all the way to my due date, but at this point I would like Emma Taylor to be cooking in there the full 40 weeks. I am sure when we are nearing that time I might change my mind, but it seems like it is coming so fast.

I officially feel big. I am not uncomfortable except when she turns and gets into my rib space but I do feel big. According to the What To Expect emails I have been receiving she probably weighs 2.5 lbs and will be gaining 2 more lbs. in the next month. That is almost doubling in size! So ask me in a month how I feel. I assume it might change from feeling big to enormous.

After much looking for glider cushion replacements and a few returns after hasty decisions. We found a nontradional cushion for the back and I sewed a cover for the existing cushion on the seat. It was square so I didn't feel like it would be too much trouble. Now all we have to do is recover the foot stool and we are ready to glide...

Lastly, I can't get enough burgers! Maybe its the protein (because I don't think I eat enough of that) or the iron in the red meat, but they just make me feel better. So in honor of Glen's return from FL on a business trip we are grilling burgers and baking sweet potato fries!


  1. I felt the same way, but really you start to feel super huge after 36 weeks... you really can't possible figure out how you could grow more, but you just keep growing! haha!

  2. You're glowing, Miriam! Can't believe how quickly time is flying -- glad you think so too!
    Happy Easter to you, Glen and Emma Taylor!
    Barbara and Frank