Tuesday, April 26, 2011

glider 2.0

So that glider we got a few weeks back at the yard sale has been sitting unfinished in Emma Taylor's room until now. I had a hard time deciding what exactly to do with it. We decided not to buy replacement cushions which would have been over $100 and decided to make it our own (meaning a little untraditional). Here is a kind of before picture. I didn't get the whole glider before I started recovering...

I am pretty sure every old glider has this same blue fabric on it. Its not really my style. So we found a seat cushion to replace the back cushion. It looks a little small comparing it to the old cushion, but it is surprisingly comfortable. I recovered the bottom cushion and the foot stool with fabric from Hobby Lobby. We have a second floral back cusion but it doesn't exactly match anything else in the room so I think we will stick with solid green.

This next picture shows the colors a little better and all the other baby stuff we are accumulating!

Our original plan was to stain the wood on the glider to match the crib but I think that project will have to wait until the next time around!

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  1. I love your colors! If you decide you did want the actual glider cushion covered instead, I could sew it for you for a nominal amount (like $15 - 20? I don't know, something to just make it a little worth my time...haha...but if you already have the fabric it would be easy for me to do. I did our glider cushion, so I know I could do yours. I'm just thinking if you are sitting there nursing you might want to be as comfy as possible, because that is all you do the first few months anyways. But if not, and it works for you this way! Cool! :)