Friday, September 23, 2016

5, 3, 1

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me & glen

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we had some pictures taken by our friend and photographer Chrissy this past weekend. here are some of my favorites. check out her website here!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


i think of how different these boys are being raised while having older sisters. i am glad for their exposure to babydolls, dollhouses, and calm activities. i hope they grow up learning how to relate to the more "girly" things of life.

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peanut butter

since i am allergic to nuts i delayed trying them with emma taylor and macy till almost 2 years and 18 months. i took the plunge early with the boys and am glad to report they have no allergy and love it. it seems though they need a bath every time they eat it.

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talk like a pirate day 2016

three pirates and a superman

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slip n' slide

a few weeks ago a water main burst near our house. whenever there are water issues they open the fire hydrant in our yard to relieve pressure. this time it was left on for two days. in an effort to save our grass from drowning glen put out a tarp which naturally turned into a slip n' slide :)

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jackson has been standing unassisted for a week or two now. i have seen him take one step so far and he is so proud every time he does it. i cant imagine itll be too long before he is on the go. brody is making progress pulling up on furniture and getting down by himself but he has not started cruising quite yet.

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our friend grassy

we all know macy loves bugs. well the same grasshopper keeps making an appearance on our porch. whenever we find him we catch him and bring him inside for awhile. he loves to talk to you, listen to books, and watch shows. he always goes back outside for bedtime and for whatever reason shows back up later.

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