Sunday, May 31, 2015


have you heard the news? we are having 2 boys! we had our 20 week ultrasound last week and everything looked great!

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 photo macy 21 months 001_zps96xvu0wm.jpg

first fish

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Monday, May 25, 2015

while the girls were away...

glen worked constantly to do some much needed repair on the porch.

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little swimmers

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the jump

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swim camp

we joined h and her kids for their "swim camp" while glen and his brother worked. i am so thankful for these cousins and for h and her picture taking. we had a blast!

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this past weekend we stayed in augusta for a few days while glen worked on our porch. i love that my niece and nephew love my kids so much!

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mammoth sunflowers

another update on our mammoth sunflowers. some are now twice the height of emma taylor. they also have buds now. i can't wait for them to bloom!

 photo macy 21 months 018_zpsscpglhud.jpg

 photo macy 21 months 174_zps3g9vyfwb.jpg

Sunday, May 10, 2015

first ballet recital

emma taylor had her first ballet recital this past saturday. she did great! she loved being on the big stage and showing off her dancing skills. we are so proud!

also, we learned that we have no clue how to take pictures in an auditorium with bright stage lighting. so excuse the quality.

 photo macy 21 months 113_zpsrdbar3an.jpg

 photo macy 21 months 116_zpsxb2tuidj.jpg

ballet bun

i had my first experience getting emma taylor ready for a ballet recital with a true ballet bun. it was slightly torturous to both of us. she has so many curls and so much hair but we did it. and she looks way to old so this summer we are cutting it off into a cute manageable bob.

 photo macy 21 months 100_zpsdj1lafel.jpg

 photo macy 21 months 105_zpsnecmmvqk.jpg

 photo macy 21 months 108_zps2ulshqua.jpg

strawberry picking

we went strawberry picking with our friend jay this past week. it's carzy to think that last year this time macy wasn't walking and emma taylor couldn't carry her own bucket. this year emma taylor picked an entire bucket and carried it by herself and macy happily trotted down the strawberry aisles and treated herself to more strawberries than i could count.

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emma taylor

 photo macy 21 months 021-001_zps54cbs6kw.jpg

mammoth sunflowers

these are growing like weeds! it's crazy what difference a week makes.

 photo macy 21 months 009_zpsvqpnsft7.jpg

 photo macy 21 months 157_zpsnwcpebfh.jpg

Sunday, May 3, 2015

take me out to the ball game

this weekend we got tickets to the Carolina vs Auburn baseball game. this was glen and my first carolina baseball game along with the girls. we had a blast and the girls did great!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

21 months {macy}

21 months old. insistent on doing things herself. cannot sit through an entire meal. must climb and jump. laughs a lot. loves to steal from her sister. says hi to everyone. strings 2-3 words together. still needs a translator for many of her words. loves to feed the dog and sneak a piece for herself. interested in babies. always wants to be with emma taylor. still our snuggler. loves to be held. loves her friends. passionate. and a bit crazy sometimes. 

 photo macy 21 months 096_zpsqdq86f5y.jpg

 photo macy 21 months 077_zpsxbybesx7.jpg