Friday, December 30, 2011


1. i didn't realize how messy it would be to feed a baby, and i am not really ready for it.
2. emma taylor is way too entertained by blowing food bubbles on me.
3. do they make bibs for grown-ups?
4. emma taylor waved good bye to me (twice) and it was the cutest thing i have ever seen.
5. waving might have been a fluke but i'll take it.
6. e.t. is a huge people person, and she gets pretty board at home.
7. tay tay is super snuggli now and reaches her hands up for us to pick her up.
8. emma taylor is a huge cheeseball and has the silliest grin.
9. if she takes a good nap in the morning she is the easiest baby ever.
10. she is a complete 180 if she doesn't get that good nap.
11. i can't imagine what our lives would look like without her.
12. right now she is pretty much our life!

paint fail

glen got the entire week off so we (meaning glen) are painting our room. none of the rooms in our house are painted except for emma taylor's. the entire house is the same color it has been since it was built. honestly, emma taylor's room is the best looking too. we are planning on redo-ing the entire room by Christmas next year and decided to start with the paint. we found a color online and let me tell you it was a fail. it looked like a chalkboard. our second choice is a lot is a photo of the paint fail.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

rice cereal

we started emma taylor on real food...well rice cereal...right after we got back from augusta. i was planning on waiting a few more weeks (closer to when she turns 6 months), but she is a hungry little girl. she did great the first time. she wasn't super successful at getting the food to stay in her mouth, but i can't blame her... she has never done this whole eating thing before. she seemed to like it a lot. we will see what she thinks when we give her not so tasteless veggies and fruit in the next couple of weeks.

{getting ready}


{messy girl}


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


{family christmas picture}

christmas day

we spent a few days with glen's family for christmas. on christmas day glen's parents invited my parents and grandmother to eat lunch so it was a full house. here are a few pictures from the day...

{tay tay got up early to play...she must have known it was christmas}

{opening presents}

{good thing e.t. doesn't know what she's opening. she probably would not be happy about baby food freezer packs. however, i was very excited!}

{even abby got a present which was completely destroyed by the end of the day}

{e.t. is lucky to have great grandmothers and grandmothers on both sides}

{kissing lamby...who is a bit bigger than her}

little reader

our little family christmas

we celebrated christmas as a family on christmas eve morning since we were headed to augusta for christmas later that afternoon. we had a special breakfast and opened presents around the christmas tree. although emma taylor doesn't really know what's going on, she definitely like all the crinkly wrapping paper.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011


it's december 22nd and this is what emma taylor wore on her walk today. craziness. she also feel asleep on her walk in this crouching position. she wasn't supposed to be sleeping at this time. oh well, what do you do? babies will be babies, and emma taylor is set on being a baby.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


emma taylor gave up her paci before she turned 2 months. however, since she has been teething lately we decided to give it a try again. emma taylor doesn't exactly use it the way it was meant to use, but at least it keeps her occupied. if you look real close in the picture below you can see her two little baby teeth!

too wiggly

emma taylor has been super wiggly lately. she wiggles around her playmat and sometimes ends up off the mat. i think she just can't wait to start moving around.

Monday, December 19, 2011

oldschool toys

while searching for presents for my other niece and nephews i came across so many toys that i loved and can't wait to get emma taylor. i love the old school wooden toys, especially the brand Melissa and Doug. i found some magnetic wooden dress up dolls (for ages 3+) and seriously debated getting them for emma taylor for the future. i restrained myself, but look how cute these abby and emma dolls the names sold me...


there is a reason that i don't do pinterest. i love crafts. i love blogs. i love cooking. i could be stuck looking at it ALL day. today i looked, and i found these. i am, however, not joining or pinning or whatnot because i might not stop...

this project could happen soon...

{found here}

abby would LOVE this...

{found here}

this project is right up our alley...for the future of course!

{found here}

Sunday, December 18, 2011

great grandma

emma taylor had a blast at the lentz family Christmas. she loved all the attention! i think her great grandma nancy loved it as much as she did!



an early Christmas

this weekend we hosted my side of the family for a Christmas celebration. we had brunch, and enjoyed breakfast casserole, grits, pigs in a blanket, and donuts! we got a few "kid" pictures, and i consider that a success considering we had 5 kids including 2 babies that had to look and smile. emma taylor got 2 dolls for Christmas. this is a big thing! i am glad she got them because i probably would not have bought her a doll myself...i am not really a girly girl. also the last picture shows some name ornaments. i guess we will never find something that has emma taylor's whole name on it but at least we can pair together two!

{alexis, emma taylor, titus, hannah, caleb}

{best friends}

{some concerned snuggling}

{some of emma taylor's spoils}

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

side layin'

emma taylor is laying on her side a lot these days. she hasn't quite gotten over from her back to stomach yet. she always gets stuck in the middle. i'm sure she is going to make it over any day now!


5 months

can emma taylor really be 5 months already? it seems like they have just flown by. she is getting so big so quickly. i am still trying to fit her in many of her 6 month clothes but it takes some stretching. luckily Christmas is just around the corner and i hope she will get some new clothes then. she has 2 bottom teeth. she talks all the time and her favorite sounds to make is "gee" and "hisss". she likes to wiggle on the ground and be free to move. she likes to lay on her side and is so close to rolling from her back to front. we still swaddle her for all naps and nighttime but that will be changing soon. she takes 3 naps a day and is getting more on a regular schedule. she no longer uses her car seat with her stroller and loves her new facing out position. she loves baths, cosmo, playing super baby, and putting everything in her mouth! here are her 5 month pictures...