Saturday, December 27, 2014

a christmas ballerina

emma taylor got all the necesities for becoming a ballerina- a leotard, tights, tutu, and even ballet shoes. now all we have to do is get her some lessons :)

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 photo Christmas2014106_zps9fa1d304.jpg

christmas jammies {2014}

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 photo Christmas2014079_zpsdcb4bdd2.jpg

 photo Christmas2014083_zpsa439a625.jpg

christmas stockings {2014}

we continued the tradition of attending our christmas eve service, eating chinese food, and opening stockings on christmas eve. this year the girls got matching jammies, a book, and a beanie baby (from my old stash).

 photo Christmas2014026_zps106d8663.jpg

 photo Christmas2014032_zpsc621c2bc.jpg

 photo Christmas2014052_zps72795189.jpg

board game

emma taylor got a my little pony shoots n' ladders for christmas. it called for a family game night. the pony pawn that glen played with was princess twilight sparkle. oh what fun comes with girls and their daddies.

 photo Christmas2014022_zps9a885b1f.jpg


i couldn't help but snap a picture of macy dressed up in her overalls for church. i cannot get over how grown up she looks in this outfit. nothing but cotton leggings and tshirts from now on :)

 photo Christmas2014008_zpsbb98576c.jpg

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

christmas cookie playdate

we invited some friends over again this year to decorate christmas cookies. we had a blast. i think it is so much more fun to do it with friends. and it can be quite the production so it is nice to have lots of people to enjoy it. plus who can say that having other mom friends to help out isnt nice too. of course the most fun is eating them.

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 photo macy16months058_zps0582026c.jpg

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christmas cookies


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super readers

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Monday, December 8, 2014

oh, christmas tree {2014}

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latest trick

here is macy's latest trick. we call it the superman. she thinks its fantastic. mama thinks otherwise.

 photo macy16months002_zps05bb867d.jpg

bundled + cheeks

 photo IMG_20141206_085228438_zpsd1f7c946.jpg

christmas tree {2014}

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16 months

macy welcomed 16 months with a little ear infection so we are a few (6 days) late on this post. happy 16 months miss macy. you are as adventurous as ever. you climb on chairs, benches, and tables. your goals usually involve knocking stuff off of whatever high surface you have climbed on or eating the cat food (most times both). you are spunky and laugh at everything. you are testing the limits and somedays try to skip your naps. you love love love your sister and abby. speaking of abby, you are pretty much obsessed. we love you miss mace and love watching you grow up.

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