Friday, April 26, 2013

growing veggies

we are growing tomatos this year! I hope that next year we can expand our "container garden", but for now we just started with two cherry tomato plants.
 photo 1-IMG_7137_zpsafdf15f7.jpg
emma taylor likes to help water and also says goodbye to the tomato plants when we leave the house.
 photo 1-IMG_7136_zps2a2d6ebe.jpg
I am also attempting to regrow veggies after we have used far we are working on romaine lettuce and green onions.
 photo 1-IMG_7141_zps00f25e2c.jpg

playing big sister

 photo 1-IMG_7142_zps8f74ae6e.jpg
it was so sweet to watch emma taylor want to buckle her baby into her carseat (which is sitting in the house while glen took the car to work). she then proceeded to talk to her and bring her lots and lots of toys. let's hope she keeps this up when its a real baby!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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 photo 1-IMG_7132_zpsc1e479b2.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7130_zps8c9f2e20.jpg

spring wreath

our easter wreath is now simply a spring wreath. now wondering what the summer wreath should be since summer is fast approaching!

 photo 1-IMG_7098_zpsec3f87cb.jpg

Monday, April 22, 2013

then and now: greenville daytrip

this is my all time favorite picture of me and emma taylor. it was taken in Greenville last year (2012).
we tried to recreate it this year. what a difference a year makes!

 photo 291_zpse0606cb3.jpg
 photo 295_zps5360204e.jpg
 photo 296_zpseb2f5edb.jpg
these certainly didn't win my favorite photo of all time award...

spring visit to greenville

last week emma taylor and I took a day trip to Greenville to see h, c, & a. we did our usual- walk to the downtown park and get some bubble tea. I also got to look through some of their annual yard sale donations and shop early. I got a whole trash bag full! as always, thanks to h for taking pictures!

 photo 197_zps4d69fb43.jpg
 photo 141_zpsf33c9776.jpg
 photo 072_zpse3f7f3ef.jpg
 photo 135_zpse969bcb3.jpg

Monday, April 15, 2013

2 little ones & an extra dog

this weekend aaron and becca came for a shower and glen and i got to watch their 2 Saturday afternoon and night. emma taylor and oliver really had fun together and i am so glad. emma taylor also now talks regularly about oliver and baby (evelynn) which makes me think she is really ready to have a full time playmate!

glen looking good with 2 girls in his lap...

 photo 1-IMG_7102_zps3198712c.jpg
and of course we made the messiest known dinner for 2 toddlers but they loved it!
 photo 1-IMG_7114_zps81bc383a.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7111_zps5e46658f.jpg

21 months & 24 weeks

 photo 1-IMG_7122_zpsfe94a10f.jpg
21 months: i really can't believe that emma taylor will be turning 2 in just three months. i also can't believe that we will have another in just four months. she is really a little person now. she started talking in sentences (strings of words) this last month and has really increased her vocabulary. she loves running, playing in the sand, going to the gym nursery, chickfila, her friends whom she regularly speaks of by name, dogs and cats, playing with water, and much more. she does have a weird quirk we are working on though-- she doesn't like to be without socks which is not a good thing seeing as the summer is fast approaching.
24 weeks: i am really feeling great these days. i definitely cannot wear my regular clothes but am swallowed by maternity clothes. i am feeling baby girl more and more and it's such a great feeling. i really can't complain with how well this pregnancy is going and can only hope for a great delivery as well. also, we are working on a name and will definitely share once we land on one!

Friday, April 12, 2013

in a box

 photo 1-IMG_7078_zps180f145c.jpg

a little bag

i had ambitions to get emma taylor a little book bag by the time she turned 2 so she could carry some of her own stuff since the diaper bag would soon after be taken over by the new baby. i have had my eye on these skip hop backpacks. well, i was in the craft store the other day just to pick up some more thread and of course the discount fabric bin caught my eye. so i grabbed some (1/2 yard) for just over $1. the print was adorable. one afternoon i decided to go for it and sew a little athletic bag for emma taylor, and i love it. she is more concerned with putting stuff in it and then taking it out but hopefully with some practice she will learn to carry it too. so until we get a more substantial bag for her this cute little sack will do.

 photo 1-IMG_7081_zpsf71c4860.jpg

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

zoo with the cousins

my sister and her kids came to the zoo for the morning during their spring break. it was a great day for the zoo. it was warm but not hot and not overly crowded. emma taylor had a blast hanging out with her big cousins!

 photo 604171_10200743763983941_1644297204_n_zps79178e42.jpg

Monday, April 8, 2013

warm weekends

looks like warm weekends are here to stay, and i am ECSTATIC. i really seem to let the weather affect my mood so when we can open the windows, leave the doors open, and play outside all day both emma taylor and i are quite happy. it's amazing how a couple of buckets and cups of water can keep a 1 year old entertained for so long!

 photo 1-IMG_7067_zpse6bedfb5.jpg

mr. potato head

emma taylor got a mr. potato head in her easter basket this year, and it's been a hit! she is also getting pretty creative with putting him together.
 photo 1-IMG_7060_zps33312ce2.jpg

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

family photo {easter}

what difference a year makes! see our 2012 easter photo here
 photo 1-IMG_7049_zps160d19e2.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7050_zps723be847.jpg


for easter my side of the family came up for a little cookout. we had an easter egg hunt, played baseball, and ate burgers. i am so glad that they all came up to see us!

 photo 1-IMG_7046_zps217a5e57.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7036_zpsf47952d9.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7040_zps0ff7667b.jpg
{the girls}
 photo 1-IMG_7054_zpsba44bf5f.jpg
{easter basket with homegrown grass}
 photo 1-IMG_7058_zpsa5310e3d.jpg
{loving these fresh flowers}


we've been pretending to be bunnies a lot around this house lately. everyday at some point emma taylor will ask you to wear the bunny ears and then ask you to help her put them on too.

 photo 1-IMG_7032_zps6a134af5.jpg