Wednesday, February 29, 2012


these cheeks are kind of impressive. don't you think?

e.t. sporting her favorite expression (next to smiling).

she is just kind of too cute when she scrunches her face like that especially with the big cheeks and double chin.

updated family photo

whenever we go to augusta we take advantage of other people to take our family photo. thanks h!

getting together

a couple weekends ago we were able to go to augusta to celebrate a's birthday.

{the whole scogin family}

{scogin cousin pictures are getting a bit least since last time}

*pictures courtesy of h

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

from sandy's house: the ugly monkey

i am not sure if this a parenting tip or trick? while i was at my mom's house last week my sister reminisced about this monkey. my mom would keep it in her makeup drawer (where it still lives today). whenever she was putting on makeup she would let us take the monkey out and play with it. once she was finished putting on her makeup the monkey would have to go back in the drawer because it was my mom's toy. it kept us occupied while she got ready and kept us from interupting her. no one would think that the ugly monkey would be so coveted, but i guess its part of our sinful nature to want what we can't have.

accomplished: pinterest

my "rule" for myself when joining pinterest was to only pin things that i truly had intended to make or do. i have only accomplished one pin so far which was these pumpkin oatmeal muffins. they were very tasty and filling by the way. i have way more pinned though so i am trying to start accomplishing some of them. i am actually headed out today to get some fabric for some pinterest inspired baby skirts and dresses.

so i decided to make a separate "Accomplished" board to help keep me accountable. anyone else have this problem? how do you keep up with your pins?


we have been loving "training" for the past month or so, and i think emma taylor is finally getting attached to them. the worn and spit soaked ears are evidence. we are using 2 different loveys that she gets as a part of our routine right before she goes down for a nap or for the night. i hope that she will be attached to both of these even though they are so different. so far it seems she likes her small pink bunny and her larger grey and white cow just the same.

cleaning out the closet

here's to a clean closet, newly discovered clothes that fit again, and a pile of t-shirts that now can be re-purposed for crafting or for donating!

no one needs this many t-shirts...but over the years i have had a hard time throwing them away.

Monday, February 20, 2012


emma taylor has started imitating us which is tons of fun. i am sure in the future though it won't be as fun when she shows us our sin outright, but for now its cute. she will make sounds that we make. she will clap, and she is now making a scrunchy face where she breaths really hard while kind of laughing. while i show you her scrunchy face i might as well throw in a few more pics just because...

cosmo likes to play too


this is the face i get when i get out the camera.

this girl is certainly not camera shy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


7 months

is she really this old? time flies. i barely remember those sleepless nights or constant gassy crying those first couple of weeks, but i remember enough not to want another quite yet!

this month emma taylor mastered staying sitting up and barely falls over at this point. she got her first virus (rsv) and ear infection, and we made our first sick visit (3 of them actually). she still hates dislikes being on her stomach. however, when she does tolerate it, it looks like she is just itching to move. she is such a ham. she will try to imitate you and will do anything that will cause you to smile or laugh over and over again. she still takes 3 naps a day, but those 3 naps only total to about 2-2 1/2 hours of sleep. a day before she turned 7 months she started to say "dada". apparently, she knew the pressure was on to gain a new skill before the end of the month. she is at such a fun age right now. she is super content to be out and about because she loves to people watch (a girl after my own heart). and now, without further adieu, her 7 month photos...

thanks a latte

{grandad & nana} for my very first valentine's card... was yummy!

please excuse the interruption

cosmo pretty much interrupts everything. its the theme of his life. so when he interrupted a little photo session we had no choice but to pay attention to him.

happy valentine's day

Monday, February 13, 2012


it makes me laugh that most of emma taylor's pants all have ruffles on the bottom. i guess its just the stage she is in. maybe its to help people differentiate between girl and boy babies, but no matter what they are wearing people will still mistake them for the other gender. i can understand that people might think emma taylor is a boy when i dress her in completely neutral clothing (which isn't too often), but she has definitely been mistaken as a boy on two separate occassions while clearly wearing girly pink clothes. i can't understand why someone would think she was a boy. i kind of think she is too pretty to be a boy, but i guess i am biased.


guess what came spilling out of emma taylor's mouth this morning? dada, dada, dada. i guess its the next best thing to hearing mama. here she is being as cute as she can be.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


what's been up

i know that a week is not that long to be postless on the blog. well, maybe it is. i know you have been missing emma taylor's little chubby face. well, after emma taylor got sick, i got sick. then i wanted to go to bed at 8:00 every night. then i got better and joined pinterest.

this weekend we celebrated glen turning the big 2-7. we had a pretty relaxed weekend. i made this carrot cake WITH NUTS. i probably risked my life, but what can i say? he's worth it. saturday night we went out to eat at hunter-gatherer in downtown columbia. we highly recommend it (especially their burgers). emma taylor sat in a high chair (2nd time doing this) and did great! it took longer than expected and she was awesome the entire time! she loved looking at the lights and all the people.

sunday we cooked some pork chops (recipe courtesy of the pioneer woman). i used onions instead of garlic, and like all the pioneer woman's recipes, it was quite tasty. we also attempted to take some naked baby pictures of tay-bear. all babies need some naked pictures (to embarass them later of they are just too cute). not many turned out though because she still HATES laying on her stomach.

anyways, too much writing. i am going to go eat a cupcake now...while you enjoy a few pics...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


emma taylor has been growing like a weed these past 6 months. i know that all babies do, but i think in her case it is a bit excelerated. it seems like everytime i turn around she is growing out of her clothes. she is filling out her 9 month sleepers to the max. honestly, we have to stretch them a bit to get them on her. so while buying some new pajamas i decided to go with the 2 piece in hopes that she can wear them a bit longer. she kind of looks too grown up in them for me. pajamas are meant to be silly right? my normal style for her does not include characters or words or anything cutesy or corny (just not my style), but i am not sure you can find too many pajamas that fit my style. plus, i actually think these are kind of cute...

this second picture describes perfectly e.t. state as of late. she is *trying* to move constantly. maybe it's the meds...or maybe it means she is getting close to actually be able to move herself from one spot to another.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

processed food fast: the results

i posted last week how i was going to do a processed food fast to see 1. if i could and 2. if it made me feel better overall. well...1. i couldn't and 2. i got sick so i couldn't tell if it was helping anyways. i debated whether to post my fail or not because let's face one likes to fail, let alone post the fail. day 1 was good, and i was successful. day 2, emma taylor was diagnosed with rsv, i opted to let glen pick up moes (i did, however, eat a salad!). day 3, total fail...i was stressed and didn't feel well so i got a burger and coke. day 4, i had already failed so i ate a sandwich. day 5, worst day of sickness and we ate chinese which probably has the most processed stuff in it and tons of salt.

overall, i proved to myself that i could choose healthier snacks (when i wasn't utterly failing my challenge). i will probably never challenge myself to an all out fast...apparently, i am weak. i will *try* to eat healthier and make stuff from scratch instead of the pre-made or mixes.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


{just napping with one foot propped up}

sewing desk

a couple weeks ago i found this desk to use for my new-to-me sewing machine. we finshed it this weekend. i had plans of finishing it earlier, but i didn't realize how little time i had during emma taylor's naps and pretty much did nothing on it until this past weekend. glen and i tackled it together. we sanded and prepped it on saturday and painted on sunday. i am so thankful for how handy glen is because i am positive that it wouldn't have turned out this good without him. so without further adieu...

{paint: benjamin moore waterslide, hardware: world market}


baby girl had a cough and runny nose. i took her to the doctor after a few days, and she tested positive for rsv. i thought i was being an over-concerned mom by taking her, but i am SO glad we caught it early. for now she is on breathing treatments and hopefully it will clear up quick and not turn into anything worse. a praise though- she is still a relatively happy and content baby even while sick.