Tuesday, June 10, 2014

woody & jesse

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first fruits

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sisters {june 2014}

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10 months {macy}

our little not so little macy {affectionately known as mace mace} turned 10 months! I cant believe she will be one so soon. she moves, pulls up, cruises, climbs (not my favorite), has started pushing a push toy, gets into everything, loves her big sis, eats almost everything we eat, lights up when she sees an animal (any animal), takes 2 good naps, loves the water, loves bath time, and is pretty great all around.

see emma taylor's 10 month post here.

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Monday, June 2, 2014


palm beach had GREAT playgrounds. big. little kid friendly. with astro turf. i love them.
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the beach

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look at me

i think we are at the point where i will never get a picture with both of them looking at me.
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zoo splash pad

the best part about the zoo ended up being the splash pad at the entrance. the splash pad that i had not planned for but decided that we were only there once and why not let the girls play in it fully dressed. they were soaked within 10 seconds and had a blast.
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palm beach zoo

the girls and i checked out the zoo one day. it was fun to check out a different zoo than columbia's.
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loggerhead marinelife center

glen had memorial day off so we got to spend a day together as a family. we checked out the loggerhead marinelife center before heading to the beach. its a rescue/hospital for sea turtles and lots of fun to see. we even found a sea turtle there named macy!
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