Monday, June 2, 2014

zoo splash pad

the best part about the zoo ended up being the splash pad at the entrance. the splash pad that i had not planned for but decided that we were only there once and why not let the girls play in it fully dressed. they were soaked within 10 seconds and had a blast.
 photo 1-IMG_1270_zps87d81b46.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1278_zpse816b406.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1282_zps35b96639.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1286_zps3b5b0d7e.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1295_zpsc841161c.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1298_zps178520ba.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1301_zps0101fcd1.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1305_zpsa25cb776.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1309_zps357afc84.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1325_zps4280f1cf.jpg

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