Monday, July 29, 2013

special date

on the night of our anniversary glen and i told emma taylor that we were going on a special date and that she was going to get to stay home and play with our friend cheryl. she seemed genuinely upset that she didn't get to go. i decided to take that opportunity to tell her that mommy and her would go on our own special date. so we went to the mall, shared some chickfila for lunch, got a special cookie, and made a build-a-bear. she picked out her animal but i helped in picking out the clothes. she had a blast and i hope she remembers her special mommy time when macy comes!
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 photo 1-IMG_7697_zps25e21c50.jpg
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our 6th anniversary

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this weekend we celebrated 6 years of marriage! i wanted to get past our anniversary before macy was it selfish that i didn't want to share her birthday with our anniversary? we decided to be pretty laid back about celebrating. glen gifted me a day of deep cleaning the house while i spent the morning with e.t. at the farmer's market and her naptime getting a pedicure (which a friend so graciously bought me!). it was great! we went out to eat on the night of our anniversary at texas roadhouse (a casual steak place with peanuts on the table!) because i really just wanted some steak, and we ended the night picking up some apple fritters from publix. we will have to do something a little more adventurous next year...when i am not 39 weeks pregnant.

Friday, July 26, 2013

macy at 38 weeks

 photo 1-SCAN0013_zps4f598a44.jpg
i got another ultrasound this week! its much harder to get a good picture when there's not much room left. according to the ultrasound tech, macy is really squished in there. she is technically measuring at 7 lbs 13 oz but the measurements can be up to 1 lb off. the dr. thinks she is definitely in the 8 lb range already since i am measuring the exact same as i was with emma taylor at this point. so bring on the big baby...again. hopefully i won't go past my due date though. only 10 days left!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2 year old stats

we went to the dr. today for emma taylor's 2 year well check. she is doing great! here are her stats...
weight: 31.2 lbs (84%)
height: 35.25 in (91%)

...and these pictures are just because who wants to look at a blog post with no pictures?

 photo 1-IMG_7670_zps9285392a.jpg
{loving her dress up clothes that she got for her birthday!}
 photo 1-IMG_7668_zps9beb06e0.jpg
{super heroes don't need to wear pants!}

Thursday, July 18, 2013

diy play kitchen

for emma taylor's 2nd birthday we planned to make her a play kitchen for her big birthday gift. after much searching we found the perfect piece of furniture for only $15 at a thrift store! i would like to say that we built it for her but the sweat that went into this project really belongs to glen, and he did an amazing job!

 photo 1-CopyofIMG_7434_zpse90af85d.jpg
{before...we didn't get a truly before picture. this piece had a top and 2 doors on the bottom shelf.}
 photo 1-IMG_7442_zps070d9e00.jpg
{a work in process}
 photo 1-IMG_7647_zpsd49da322.jpg
{the finished project}
 photo 1-IMG_7639_zpsee5d877b.jpg
{side view}
 photo 1-IMG_7646_zps389181c9.jpg
{you can really see into the over which e.t. loves. currently she is baking cookies and a cake!}
 photo 1-IMG_7644_zpseb5b8761.jpg
{lots of needed storage too!}

Monday, July 15, 2013

the fam

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 photo 1-DSC_0979_zpsa169a4bd.jpg


for emma taylor's 2nd birthday cake i wanted to do something different. she LOVES gummy bears so i thought making individual dirt cakes with worms would be fun. even adults can love dirt cake, and let me tell you, they were quite yummy!

 photo 1-DSC_1002_zpscc5696b7.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_1011_zps6ecce244.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_1020_zps9ff33fce.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_1051_zpsd7f77fc2.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_1038_zps8c9bd062.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_1063_zps349fa404.jpg

party time

we had a small get together for emma taylor's 2nd birthday. the kids got to play in the sprinkler and baby pool out back and we were so thankful for no rain even though it threatened it all morning long. we finished with a hotdog lunch and some great presents. thanks to all who could make it. emma taylor had a blast!

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 photo IMG_7588_zpsb9822443.jpg
 photo DSC_0891_zps8ba6a964.jpg
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emma taylor turns 2

we have an extremely happy two year old. she loves people and talks about her friends often. her favorite places to go are the zoo, the park, and the baby gym (kids care at my gym). she has quite an imagination. she loves books still. loves singing. loves pretending. we are so thankful for her and what a blessing she has been.
 photo 1-IMG_7536_zpsc96b1dbf.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7537_zps99678992.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7540_zps96b71187.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7558_zpsb498c6ec.jpg

cow appreciation day 2013

i love that cow appreciation day has been a tradition of mine for the past several years. i love dressing up, chickfila, and free food so it is the perfect combination. i also love that glen has agreed to do it the past two years with me. he doesn't care for dressing up but in his own words..."you had me at free"!

for lunch my friend lynn-ann who also has a little girl and is pregnant and due a week after me joined us...

 photo 1-photo2_zps7935ee1a.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7503_zps5fb7babc.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7507_zps8f937fe2.jpg
...and then we got dressed up again for round 2 at dinnertime...
 photo 1-IMG_7520_zpsb12ed8d9.jpg
my sweet little cow with matching diaper!
 photo 1-IMG_7499_zps0a2ec8de.jpg

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

what a pregnant girl wants...

 photo 1-IMG_7487_zpsb2b7e066.jpg
...and a little something for the *almost* 2 year old. this cake pop was much larger than it had looked in the case at the cupcake shop, but she was so excited to help pick out cupcakes that i got her a treat too.
 photo 1-IMG_7476_zps8256e0c4.jpg
she was one happy girl who took a bit longer to fall asleep that night!
 photo 1-IMG_7481_zpse28b0e5e.jpg

Friday, July 5, 2013

the 4th (2013)

we celebrated the 4th with our usual trip out to the peach festival and lunch with our good friends. emma taylor LOVED the parade this year. she clapped and waved at everything and everyone. it definitely made it so much more fun to go.

 photo IMG_8205_zpsb8f41694.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7452_zps5036c192.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_7454_zpsb9630734.jpg
{passed out on the way back to our house because we skipped our nap}
 photo 1-IMG_7455_zps182c71ea.jpg
{sweet baby sleeping}