Tuesday, August 19, 2014

meet oyster

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this little guy was the centerpiece at macy's birthday party. emma taylor named him oyster. so far the girls LOVE him. emma taylor gets so excited to feed him everyday and macy just points and says "ahhh". we wish you a long and happy life, oyster.

family photos {aug 2014}

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smash cake {macy}

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macy's 1st birthday

we celebrated macy's first birthday a couple weeks after she turned 1. we had a little dinner with family and friends. her theme was under the sea and highlighted sea turtles. we are so thankful for those who celebrated with us.

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family beach photo 2014

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our friend jay

we were also thankful that jay and his parents made it for a couple of days.

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our friend millie

we were so thankful that millie and her parents were able to join us for a couple of days!

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