Monday, June 22, 2015

father's day pancakes

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happy father's day {2015}

happy father's day to my love and father of 2 {almost 4} babies!

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while we were in chattanooga we headed up to see my friend/jrhighyouthpastor'swife MJ who was at the Edge on lookout mountain. we haven't seen each other since e.t. was a baby and it was so good to catch up. let's hope we dont go that long without seeing each other again!

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milk & honey

we may have frequented this icecream/coffee/breakfast/lunch place more than once and i certainly didn't regret that decision. it was fantastic!

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the girls and i spent most of last week in chattanooga. we stayed with my friend bailey and got to enjoy some time away from 100+ heat in columbia. we went to the coolidge park fountain more than once, rode the carousel, ate ice cream, took a hike, and went to the zoo. we are so thankful for our hosts and the fun time we had!

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Monday, June 15, 2015

old mcdonald's fish camp

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maw maw's 90th

we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday this past friday! she picked Old McDonald's fish camp which the girls loved!

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summer learning challenge

the girls are signed up for the summer learning challenge for our library. this used to be simply a reading challenge but they have expanded it for kids. this includes reading, storytimes, and learning moments. i have decided to focus on learning the alphabet (recognizing all the letters) and writing her name. i figured it was a good way to gear up for school in the fall.

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