Thursday, November 20, 2014

scenes from oak island

a friend and i went to my sister's place in oak island, nc this past weekend to deep clean the house. and relax of course :) it was certainly restful without kiddos.

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kid crafts

yall kid crafts are aweful. and e.t. remembers every little thing she made for weeks. i just want to throw them away. maybe one day she will become a budding day.

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15 month stats {macy}

height: 31 1/4 in (66%)
weight: 23 lbs 13 oz (79%)
head: 18 1/2 (81%)

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


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sisters {November 2014}

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15 months {macy}

our sweet girl is 15 months! she is so active. and really rivals emma taylor already in physical activities. she is not so verbal though. typically she says mama, dada, hi, and no. otherwise she grunts and screams, and usually ends up with what she wants. she is looking a lot more grown up these days and a lot less baby. when she really gets going she has a great belly laugh and emma taylor can always make her smile. for everyone else though she makes you work for that smile. we love you mace mace!

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halloween {2014}

we had a blast on Halloween. we were invited to a friend's house for dinner and then we trick or treated in their neighborhood. macy caught on to the idea real quick. she loved picking a piece of candy and putting it into her bag. she still does not know what candy is though so glen and I got some extra treats. emma taylor had a blast too! this was her first time trick or treating as well. she definitely took handfuls instead of just a piece. I didn't get any great pictures (due to forgetting the camera) but here is one that our friend took and sent me and below are macy's pictures that we took when we finally got home. I thought her 80s costume really needed to be documented!

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