Monday, January 28, 2013

emma taylor says

emma taylor has become very vocal at 18 months. here are some of her words...

tati (jacket)
oh my!
oh no!
doddie (doggy)
meow (cat)
tank you (thank you)
i-o-u (i love you)
piper (diaper)
stiter (sticker)
stawberry (strawberry)
over (oliver)
paper (patrick)
wee wee (lamby)

lack of blogging

i have made an impressive lack of blogging this month. i feel like i have good reason too though. being pregnant kind of takes a toll on you in the beginning and although the morning sickness was mild compared to with emma taylor i also had to deal with a 3 week long sinus infection and emma taylor getting sick twice on either end of me being sick. well we are all well here now. so what's been going on and what's to come....

1. today i went to the gym! i think i might be the only mom who's child cries and screams when you pick her up (not when you drop her off) at child care. at least i know its only because they have really great toys and a room where you can jump and climb on everything. otherwise i think it would hurt my feelings.

2. i got emma taylor a free balloon from publix the other day. why have i not done this before? she was so proud of it until she walked past the rose bushes and popped it. then she was crushed. literally crushed. bawling at the death of her new friend. so today we went and got another balloon and steered clear of those mean rose bushes.

3. a good friend gave us a toddler bed with mattress and sheets! i am so thankful for our generous friends and that we won't have to buy an extra piece of furniture. we plan on transitioning emma taylor to the toddler bed soon...i think i am just dragging my feet at this point because i think it will make nap time harder, and she's not a great napper as is...any advice?

3. i have read up and potty training and have gotten all the supplies. now i am just waiting for a stretch of days where i don't have any obligations....hopefully in the next few weeks. all i can say is i think potty training an 18 month old will be an adventure, but she shows all the signs of being ready so bring it on!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


i'm pregnant! i am 12 weeks now and just had my first doctor's appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat. i have been anxiously waiting that appointment for two reasons...1. for whatever reason hearing that little heartbeat is such a great relief and reassurance and 2. i couldn't wait to share the news! the baby is due august 5th and i am so excited to have several friends expecting the same month. this little baby already has lots of little friends to look forward to. lastly, look at how proud the big sis looks...this is how we told our families over christmas.
 photo 231_zpsd5ba753d.jpg

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

18 months

a year and a half. it has flown by. i am loving this stage. emma taylor only takes one nap (although somedays i feel it is much too short a nap). she sleeps at least 12 hours a night (most nights). she is learning imaginative play (she loves to act like a dog). she plays well with others for the most part but also does well on her own. she loves the outside. her vocabulary has taken off, and it scares me a bit that she now will repeat what we say. she can climb on all the furniture and loves to bounce on it. she is still stubborn when it comes to eating vegetables but at least we usually win the battle. she loves to kiss everyone (including her friend oliver) and everything (like animals in books).

so this was the first doctor's appointment that emma taylor did not do well AT ALL. she started screaming the minute i took her into the exam room. she did calm down as long as she wasn't being weighed or measured or the doctor wasn't near her. she went hysterical when the nurse gave her a shot. i am no longer looking forward to well are her stats.

height: 35 inches (99%)
weight: 27 lbs 12 oz (89%)
head circumfrence: 19.4 inches (98%)


1 1/2

emma taylor's actual half birthday wasn't until monday but we decided to take the opportunity while we were with friends this weekend to share our half cake. we celebrated her first 1/2 birthday last year with h & k. i hope we can keep up this fun tradition for years to come!


Monday, January 14, 2013

a little table

we got a kid's table with 2 chairs from ikea. the wood part was originally a light pine color and certainly doesn't match our dining table. luckily, we had some paint leftover from painting our chairs, and glen did a great job of painting them. emma taylor loves furniture that is her size, and i am sure she will love her new set.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

room redo: side table

we started our room redo way back in january of 2012 in hopes of finishing by the end of 2012. well we aren't finished. i blame it on the Professional Engineering test that glen took this fall or maybe laziness. however we are still trecking away. here is our original list...

1. paint room and bedframe (done)

2. new bedspread (done)

3. sew some new pillows for the bed (i got a new cover for my body pillow that matches our semi-done)

4. get artwork to hang above bed

5. build a side table (done...see below)

6. replace chest of drawers (done)

7. replace lamp (done...see below)

8. possibly replace/make bedframe (done...found at habitat for humanity restore)
9. *new* replace hamper
we are so close to done. i haven't found a hamper that 1. looks nice and 2. doesn't cost a bundle. so if you have any suggestions for that please let me know. i have lots of ideas for artwork over the bed (all diy). however, none of it has come to fruition.


table- built and painted by glen
lamp and shade- from ikea

Friday, January 4, 2013


we made our first trip to ikea! we had planned to make the trip earlier for my birthday but timing didn't work out and then e.t. and i both came down with colds around christmas. we finally made it on dec. 31st. neither of us had been before and let me tell you, it was an experience. i really like ikea's fresh modern style. although we are not buying things to last our entire life what is there is fun and cheap and good for now. seriously we got a rug and a kids table set (table and 2 chairs) for $20 each. you can't beat that! we also got a new lamp for our room redo (to be shown soon) which was supposed to be finished by the end of 2012 (oops). let me just tell you--i am a fan of ikea and will definitely go again.
on another note- e.t. is getting creative with her picture faces (see below).

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

our little family christmas

we spend christmas morning at our house this year. it was just our little family, and although emma taylor doesn't quite get it yet, i loved that she could wake up in her own home on christmas. we ate breakfast together, opened some presents, and then headed to church. we helped serve a meal that our church hosts every year for those who need a meal. it was great to take the focus off ourselves and serve. we are hoping to make this a tradition. the day ended with us heading to waffle house (the only place open) because we didn't want to cook or we had no food in the house or possibly both. after 3 days of less sleep and the height of her cold e.t. had the biggest melt down of her life. 30 minutes of crying in waffle house then outside of waffle house while we waited for our food then waited for them to fix the wrong order then bring us to go containers because we couldn't possibly eat with a screaming 1 year old. it was certainly a night to remember, and now we can laugh about it...i think.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

scogin family christmas

after celebrating christmas with the lentz's on saturday we headed to augusta on sunday to celebrate with the scogin's. i love that e.t. is so close in age with her cousins and hope the same for any of our future children. i can see she already really loves them. thanks to h (yet again) for snapping pictures and sending them too us.

{the whole scogin clan}
{grandkids with grandad and nana}
{e.t. loves her cousins}
{partners in rocking}

lentz family christmas

the saturday before christmas we hosted my side of the family for christmas brunch. i love breakfast food and am so glad that brunch has become a tradition for us to celebrate christmas. we also started a new tradition of the adults playing white elephant instead of exchanging presents and it was a blast. my grandmother even loved it and showed herself to be a bit ruthless when she stole a frying pan.
{three sisters}
{the cousin photoshoot started out good}
{then it progressed a bit}
{and turned into a disaster...}