Friday, June 30, 2017


my girls never got dirty. at least not THIS dirty. brody eats dirt. so there's that. at least now i have big girls who will tell me when their brothers start doing something mischievious. of course i am learning to let go and just let them be. also to be noted after i gave the girls permission they also rubbed dirt on themselves.

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green tomatos

i have very eager garden helpers, but they are too enthusiastic in picking my GREEN tomatos. anyone have any good recipes for using green tomatos?

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22 months {j & b}

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tomato chicken macaroni

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another easier comfort food type of recipe. like the chicken and rice i think this will be a staple during the cold weather months. 3 out of 4 kids liked it and it was even better the second day.

recipe count: 17

Friday, June 2, 2017

life lately according to instagram

i post way more on instagram as a virtual family yearbook of sorts. so here's some of the latest posts...

annual spring lentz get together (despite both my boys having strep). sisters and girl cousins at the park and it was hot.

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got our haircut in augusta. and jackson fell in love with carrie's little dog cj.

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lining the girls curtains was imperative. even if it meant sewing with littles underfoot. thank goodness after this the ridiculously early wake up times stopped!

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glen want on a canoe camping trip and the kids had a blast playing on the canoe when he got back!

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last day of school for emma taylor and her beloved teacher mrs. sistare.

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first week of summer my friend and i braved the zoo garden splash pad with all 9 of our kids (ages 5 and under). clearly this was a feat to be documented.

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national donut day means free donuts for everyone. no purchase necessary. also, the boys first donuts.

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lime sea salt watermelon

yep this was a recipe in the book. watermelon topped with lime zest mixed with sea salt. it was a good mix of sweet and salty, and clearly the easiest recipe in the book. memorial day was the best time to try this one out.

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recipe count: 16

fresh and roasted tomato pie

we took a break from new recipes. partly because we were getting our grocery budget under control and partly because not much was in season. i am definitely NOT cooking 2 recipes a week. that was expensive and too time consuming. i found out most of these recipes are not hard they just take time and with 4 kiddos i dont always have that. but i am back at it and excited about all the summer season produce.

also, this tomato pie. i made it twice this week, and if you need a tomato recipe give me a holler. this one is divine.

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recipe count: 15

scogin cousins {memorial day weekend}

we are so glad that we got to meet our newest nephew over memorial day weekend and even more glad to have seen 2/3 of the scogin cousins two days in a row. we swam together in north augusta on saturday and then went to church together in columbia on sunday. its amazing that between these 9 kids we have ages 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,0

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castles and dragons

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last day of school {e.t. Kindergarten}

first day of kindergarten

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last day of kindergarten

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

mother's day 2017

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ballet recital

this year both girls performed in the junior ballet recital. this was macy's debut and they both did great!

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sharing snacks...

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sharing a blanket...

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but NOT sharing the chair....

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brody & macy

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cutie patootie

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

fairy garden

i decided to start collecting things to make the girls a fairy garden for easter a month or so ago. i found the cutest little figures and accessories at the dollar tree! they had a mini egg hunt at our house to collect the figures to build the rest of their fairy garden.

glen asked why dont you help them put the fairy garden together? these before and after pictures will tell you why. i wanted to at least get the base of the fairy garden together before the tornado hit.


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easter 2017

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the boys

a little update on the boys....

saying brody loves his lovey is a HUGE understatement just like saying brody loves to be held.

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jackson loves dressing up and being in the middle of whatever the girls are doing which throws a wrench in any craft plans we may have.

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they both leave a trail of crumbs whereever they go, even if they arent eating anything.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017