Tuesday, August 23, 2016

my favorite cow

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macy 3 year old stats

height: 38 3/8 in (78%)
weight: 33.4 lbs (74%)

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emma taylor 5 year old stats

height: 44 7/8 in (86%)
weight: 46.6 lbs (83%)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

scogin party of six

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the grands

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let them eat cake { j&b }

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opening presents {a family affair}

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my sisters

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celebrating j & b {1 year}

we celebrated jackson and brody's birthday {4 days early}. it was such a fun time with friends and family. i can't believe that they are almost 1!

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sharing cheerios

everyone is happy for this new snack cup with cheerios phase. macy is happy to be in charge of the cheerios :)

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sweet brody

brody has been teething bad lately. his top middle teeth have been at the edge of his gums for what seems like weeks now. here's to hoping they will FINALLY break through. he is still so sweet through it all!

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jackson is crawling like a champ, pulling up on everything, and injuring himself a bit. he had his first real head injury complete with bruising and a largish gash that i was able to tape up. thanks to these really good bandaids you can hardly see it. it also happened the one night in months that glen has had to work late. i am super thankful for neighbors who will come hold your child down while you tape together his face. of course, he is all smiles about it :)

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