Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have written on here before about my slight obsession with shoes. However in the last couple of years my taste has slightly changed. This past year I got a pair of loose canvas ankle boots and some red toms that I will forever be a fan of. I used to prefer heels. I might still prefer heels in the summer. However, the pregnancy has kept me from wearing them in quite awhile.

I used to make fun of Glen and his crocs. Well today I gave in and got a pair. My feet have been killing me lately due to the extra weight, and I can't wear tennis shoes (which are actually supportive) because then my ankles swell. More supportive than flip flops, crocs save the day.

Lastly, I used to hate Keens, but last weekend we were checking out the new Mast General Store in Columbia and I couldn't help but love these...

I also have a strong desire to go running since it is something I haven't done in 8 months. That along with eat sushi and feta cheese. I am not necesarily a runner, but I would like to be. These running shoes really intrigue me. If I really get back into running maybe I will invest and get some...

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  1. Those barefoot type shoes are for cross training. You have to be careful. I love them too but just make sure to do some research before taking off for a run I them. Also so glad the parking permit was resolved. I was worried about you.