Thursday, June 30, 2011

all quiet on the homefront

Not much has been happening on the blogfront lately. This is not due to any baby activity. In fact, yesterday the doctor said that Emma Taylor seemed very content and happy in there. Its been pretty quiet because we have been car searching and researching for the past week. I wrote this about the cutlass on Monday thinking that it might be more than we want to, but that in the end it wouldn't be a big deal to fix it. Little did I know we would have to replace the engine on a car that is not worth anything. So as of now we are car searching and hopefully purchasing soon.

Before we decided we wanted a baby, I remember telling Glen that before we had that baby I would like to replace the cutlass. I forgot about that until now. Although it seems like bad timing, God's timing is good, and He has said yes to my forgotten request!

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