Tuesday, June 7, 2011

current favorite snack

First of all, I have been in kind of a blogging funk. I blog certain posts because I feel an obligation too, but otherwise I feel like I have gotten away from my everyday, random, just for fun posts. Maybe its because I have been tired or busy or because I find myself spending a lot of time in Emma Taylor's room getting stuff ready. I would like to get back to "fun" blogging. So here I go...

I used to hate dark chocolate. I would hate when Glen and I would get those miniature candy bar bags (the ones with krackel, milk chocolate, special dark, and something else with nuts). Glen could eat everything in them, and I would only be able to eat 2 out of the 4 choices. However in the past year or 2 I have really enjoyed dark chocolate (especially with a little sea salt). Maybe my palate has matured? I even would now prefer dark over milk now. So here's my newest snack obsession- a slightly grown up version of cheerio snack mix. Cheerios, craisins (however this mix was made with raisins for Glen), and dark chocolate m&ms. Yum!

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