Saturday, June 11, 2011

its official...almost

Nothing is really official until you are doing it or have done it. We could always change our minds, but we are already knee deep so we are going to jump in feet first!

Cloth Diapers...which we plan to start after her first month or two after we get our sanity back. I got a great deal on some online, and although we might find we need more than we have, I am that this gives us a good start.

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  1. We have 23, but I have heard that 18 is the magic number! :) Happy Cloth Diapering! I have learned a LOT about how to cloth diaper correctly and had a few problems and am just about ready to start again. If you go to the website, they have a cloth diaper detergent chart and I highly recommend choosing a detergent with 5 gold stars. Let me know if you have questions. Also, go ahead and purchase some plain blue Dawn dish detergent for the stripping process you have to do once a month...and let me know about those wet/dry bags!