Monday, June 27, 2011

oh, the cutlass

I currently drive our oldsmobile cutlass ciera s (when its not in the shop). I feel awesome in it. Yes, maybe you would think it fits a 90 year old, but its been my car since we got married. Okay so I don't feel awesome in it. We just got it free from my parents and it ran. That's all. We have had some problems with it in the past but the last 2 years its been doing good. Friday it shut off on my in Five Points in the middle of an intersection while I was turning left. Great. I was able to turn it off and then start it back up to get it out of the intersection. This happened about 3 more times until I was able to get it pulled off on the side of the road. Usually I don't really mind these situations. I have dealt with them in the past. I don't love breaking down, but I know pretty well how to handle it. This time was a bit different. I was almost 38 weeks pregnant in the sc summer heat. I really thought for a second that I could go into labor while waiting for my car to get towed. Luckily, I didn't, and luckily we have AAA so towing was free. The cutlass is now in the shop and we are waiting to hear the diagnoses. The cutlass couldn't have better timing...

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