Tuesday, June 14, 2011

36 weeks and counting

4 weeks left. I am ready. My feet hurt, and I have heartburn. Heartburn is aweful. I am so sorry for those who have it on a regular basis. I am glad that this is just a pregnancy symptom, and the end is in sight. Our house is clean (for the most part) and I am planning to *try* to keep it organized for the next month so that if Emma Taylor decides to jump the bandwagon and come early that we will be able to come back to a clean and organized house. This week I will pack hospital bags and make all my lists (i.e. important phone numbers for the hospital and how to take care of Abby while we are gone). It seems real but I still cannot get a handle on what it is going to be like after we bring our little girl home. I guess nothing can prepare me short of it actually happening!

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