Saturday, January 21, 2017

more collards

these collard recipes are one of the reasons i am glad to be doing this cooking challenge. i have always and only cooked and eaten collards the traditional southern way. i was skeptical that i would even like the gingered collards because sometimes i think ginger can be a bit much but they were great. we paired them with crock pot bbq (which is my favorite and easiest meat i make) and farro (my new favorite grain). i could eat this meal every week!

gingered collards

 photo IMG_4804_zpsuapfvpod.jpg

we also made a raw collard salad. again it was very good and packed full of nutrients since it contained raw collards and raw carrots. the texture almost reminded me of a kind of slaw.

 photo IMG_4820_zpszyglglsp.jpg

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