Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh baby!

I am very excited about this weekend! I have my last baby shower which means we can really start getting together all we need for the nursery, and I think it will be a super fun one!

Also, we are going to an event put on by the Palmetto Health Hospitals called Oh Baby. It's for new or expectant moms. Both Glen and I will attend the Baby 101 seminar, and I will get to go to the Breastfeeding Basics seminar (I am not dragging Glen to that one). I also found out that our potential pediatricians office will be there as one of the Venders! I am glad that we can go meet them and not have to make a separate appointment for that (I already go to enough appointments as is). They have chances for you to win stuff if you register with them, and the best part is the whole thing is FREE! So whether the seminars are helpful or not (although I think they will be) we won't waste any money on it!

Things are coming along, and I am truly starting to count down until we get to meet our little girl!

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  1. I guess if I would have read your blog more carefully, I wouldn't have needed to leave that weird message on your phone:)