Friday, May 20, 2011

almost defeated... the pack n' play. So we got this pack n' play free a while back from a day care that was going out of business. We put it up in the attic until we needed it. I decided that we should probably open it up, put it together, and do a little disinfecting since I don't know where all it has been or what has been on it. Plus it has a bassinet add-on feature, and I wanted to see if it would fit in our room for when we first got home from the hospital.

It sat in our dining area (which still has no table) for almost 2 days. I tried to put it together by myself one day thinking it would be no big deal. It almost did me in.
It has directions which I followed (or somewhat followed) and apparently to get the top rails to lock you have to lock them before you lock the bottom rails. Good to know and good to know we weren't defeated by the pack n' play. However, it did give me quite a lot of trouble trying to collaspe and repack it.

Glen, the engineer, deemed it a bad design which makes me feel a little better about how long it took to figure it out...


  1. Hope this is encouraging, but I've never met a pack and play that wasn't difficult:)

  2. I remember being at Finlay Park with Terry and Joel (he was probably about 3) and watching this couple ahead of us "FIGHTING" with their Pack and Play. Terry and I sat there just watching them and laughing because they could not figure it out. I finally got up and ran over to show them how it worked.
    Thanks for sharing your story...You are NOT alone!!!