Thursday, February 2, 2017

twice baked collard potatos

i love that this cookbook uses all parts of the ingredients and does not like to waste. i however regretted not looking ahead at the collard recipes when i originally made the stewed collards. this recipe took a good two days because of the amount of time and prep it took. i actually ended up cooking three recipes to end up with the final product. i started with stewed collards, turned those into creamed collards (not pictured) which can be used as a dip and were quite yummy, and finally added the creamed collards to the twice baked potatos. somewhere in there i pickled the collard stems as well as a garnish for the potatos. i am so glad i did not skip this. it really made the dish! they did not turn out pretty at all, but they tasted great! lastly i was super excited to use collards from our garden. they were taken out by insects when we first planted them but came back somehow!

 photo IMG_4903_zpskwv4khzj.jpg

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recipe count: 8

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