Friday, February 24, 2017

stewed tomatos & shirred eggs with ham chips

we got some fresh eggs from friends last weekend so i wanted to make sure i cooked something worthy of fresh eggs. this recipe was another two parter. the stewed tomatos were so easy and yummy on their own. i think i will definitely be taking advantage of our fresh tomatos this summer. they would be great as a marinara type dip, on pasta, or even with rice.

 photo IMG_5061_zpsuswchl8p.jpg

the shirred eggs in stewed tomatos with ham chips were good. i would have never tried them otherwise. however, i dont know if i used the right dish. we ate them with a side of grits but i think in the future i might make the grits, top them with stewed tomatos and a fried egg. i think i would like the texture of the fried egg more than what was produced in the dish. overall a winning flavor combination!

 photo IMG_5062_zps9kaksxuy.jpg

recipe count: 12

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