Thursday, March 24, 2016

7 months {j&b}

the boys are doing great. they are eating one meal a day and are both now up to 30 oz of formula which was our goal. they are slowly spitting up less. jackson rolls from back to belly but mostly forgets that he can roll back the other way. brody rolls from belly to back but gets stuck on one should the other way. no teeth. not sitting up independently. brody has found his feet and is a great thumb sucker. jackson chomps on his hands all day long which makes me wonder when those first little teeth might be coming in. brody sleeps through the night easily. jackson does not. he still hasnt learned how to pacify himself. they both LOVE their sisters and give good smiles and laughs. brody pinches and pulls jackson's hair if he is close enough, and needless to say jackson does not like it. i can't wait to see these boys as they continue to grow up together!


 photo IMG_0011_zps5rqoe7co.jpg


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