Tuesday, July 15, 2014

three {emma taylor}

emma taylor turned 3 yesterday. she has grown up so much since 2. I feel like she is really a little kid and not so much a toddler. she loves her friends. she loves singing. she has taken to dancing and ballet moves if you can call them that. she is artsy and less active. she has finally mastered a jump with 2 feet off the ground. she talks about growing up and "reaching the sky". she dresses up. pretends to be princesses and animals. she loves her little sister. she talks constantly at home and is shy around new people. she could play forever in water. she is the happiest little girl. we love you emma taylor.

 photo 1-IMG_2054_zpse7180dbf.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_2040_zps649628fe.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_2039_zps61d4bc0d.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1973_zps7fe15a6b.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1958_zps98b0bc51.jpg
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