Wednesday, July 2, 2014


lately e.t. has really been into ballerinas and princesses. she does her "moves" which are quite entertaining and I am sure not even close to what ballet moves really look like. maybe in a few years we will have to cultivate this love or maybe by then she will have moved on something else. for now its kind of precious.

 photo 1-IMG_1722_zps422e3888.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1724_zps5e45dea9.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1714_zpsf1b8b6a9.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1706_zps7260ab00.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1702_zps56ed581d.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1675-001_zps34d707bd.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_1673_zpsefba4200.jpg

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