Saturday, November 5, 2011

on cloth diapering

we have been cloth diapering emma taylor full time now for about a month- except for the short spurt of a couple days after i realized that my backup disposables were too small for her. she was a good 2 pounds over the maximum weight so what do i do? not waste them of course. i used them up in about 2 1/2 days where we had 3 blowouts. probably not the best idea but i did not want them to go to waste. now i have the correct size backup diapers. anyways...

cloth diapering is definitely a lot harder than using disposables, but i am not buying tons of diapers which is the whole reason. washing them every other day is not bad. i do enough laundry as it is that adding the extra loads does not feel like a burden. my true complaint is taking  her in cloth to church. i feel like i have to take her in disposables on Sunday because she is there for several hours, but on Wednesdays i can change her right before she goes into nursery while we head to youth group. she is also tall and big for her age. she is wearing 6 and 9 month clothes depending on the brand and add the bulk of a cloth diaper makes it a bit more challenging to find clothes that are long enough. i am sure by the time she is 1 cloth diapering will be so second nature i won't even wonder why i did it, and i am glad we are saving the money.

{luckily my front porch is full sun in the morning to help dry the diapers. hopefully my neighbors don't mind}


  1. Church is hard, but you could always change her before nursery on Sunday, then give them a disposable to put her in if they need to change her at some point, too. I usually gave a quick..."This is how you do cloth diapers lesson" for the nursery workers." Do you have one of those smaller wet/dry bags to keep in the diaper bag? I ended up getting one and I still use it even though I'm taking a break from cloth diapering for awhile. I put dirty bibs or clothes Cai leaks on in it, so that other stuff doesn't get soiled and just throw it in the wash when I get home. People at church don't really get cloth diapers, but nowadays so many ARE cloth diapering, most are catching on which is great! :)

  2. I am so impressed! By the time she is 1 she will be dirtying so many fewer diapers that I think it will get easier for you.