Monday, September 5, 2011

nap time

emma taylor has slept great at night since she came home from the hospital which we are very thankful for! however, naptime has been a struggle. after the first 2 weeks she began really fighting sleep during the day. we always had to swaddle her and put her in the swing or hold her for her to stay asleep. just in the last week she has been taking naps without being swaddled and prefers to fall asleep without us holding her. she still wants you to be there to give her her paci when she inevitably spits it out, but overall, naptime is becoming a lot easier which makes me a lot happier!

{two unswaddled nappers}

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  1. That is just precious! I have GOT to get over and see you guys! I have a little gift for E.T., too! :)