Saturday, December 31, 2016

new years goal {2017}

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i dont like new years resolutions. any time i have ever had one i have failed or forgotten it by february. i have also realized that i have gotten comfortable in my life. i dont challenge myself very ofter or ever, and i dont go outside my comfort zone. so this year i have a new years goal. it is not a life changing habit or something like that. rather its a fun goal that i am hoping to document here. i hope it will make me a better cook and maybe help me be a bit more disciplined in following through.

so here it is. glen got me a cookbook for my birthday. of course it arrived 3 days after i had sworn off cookbooks and gotten rid of ALL of ours. what a blow to his attempt to surprise me for my birthday. however, i swore off them because i never opened them ever. this one however will be different. we have been watching a show on PBS called A Chef's Life. i highly recommend it! the goal for this year is to try to cook at least two recipes a week or more if time/budget allows.

i dont always follow instructions but plan to do the recipes step by step and with all of the appropriate ingredients. i almost chose to cut corners on the first recipe which really means i wasnt following the reall recipe on the first try. instead i chose to go to our bi-lo (which i dont like) and stand in the meat section looking like a total novice among what seemed like a hoard of experienced southern cooks in choosing the right seasoning meat, but i did it. feeling like an idiot, i found the smoked ham hock i needed. already i am stepping out of my comfort zone. as glen told me after i got home i should have asked those women who looked like they knew what they were doing for a little advice in choosing the right seasoning meat.

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  1. Great job!! I loved teaching myself to cook (& continue to love it) by originally following my Better Homes & Garden cook book that was gifted to me as a college graduation present. I have to say, this goal of yours surprises me! I've been under the impression for a long time that you really know your way around a kitchen.

    I want to reinforce what Glen said and also recommend you asking any "stupid" question to the person behind the counter. I've had to get out of my comfort zone many times by doing that - but I really am an idiot in most ways when it comes to meat! I found, though, especially when it comes to food, everyone WANTS to be helpful. I'm excited to watch you on this journey!!