Saturday, July 16, 2016

emma taylor turns 5 {art party}

for emma taylor's 5th birthday we invited 4 friends {and their parents, no siblings} over for an art party. they each got to paint their own canvas. they also got to take home tattoos, a dance ribbon, and bead necklace at emma taylors request. we ate pb&j sandwiches, watermelon, pasta salad, and cheesy corn puffs. every girl ended up in a princess dress and emma taylor had a blast! 

 photo IMG_1874_zpsiksczzyl.jpg

 photo IMG_1875_zps9vvfv8n6.jpg

 photo IMG_1880_zpsvhzmivrf.jpg

 photo IMG_1881_zpsurzprqtr.jpg

 photo IMG_1883_zpsgrijq4vn.jpg

 photo IMG_1885_zpsbffpdlx5.jpg

 photo IMG_1893_zpsmrkkxii2.jpg

 photo IMG_1891_zpsxzarijyr.jpg

 photo IMG_1897_zpsg2hwzanu.jpg

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