Sunday, April 24, 2016

8 months {j&b}

the boys are 8 months. they are definitely getting more content and dont demand to be held {jackson} on a regular basis. both boys can roll from tummy to back and the other way around. we have turned a corner on sleep. although jackson still will wake up anytime in the 4-6 am range he has slept through the night and no longer gets stuck on his stomach wanting to be turned back over. they are both eating solids 2-3 times a day but dont like texture. jackson has two teeth and i feel like brody's bottom two will come in any day now. they are really starting to interact and like each other. of course brody has always wanted to be touching or petting jackson if he is near enough but jackson is starting to like the interaction now instead of just screaming at brody. they will sit for a few seconds if you prop them up and i am sure they will be sitting by 9 months or so i hope! we love our happy smiley boys so much!


 photo IMG_0435_zpsvrmv8vyc.jpg

 photo IMG_0436_zpsuda5bd3c.jpg


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