Sunday, August 30, 2015

scogin party of six

on Monday August 24th (emma taylor's first day of school ever) we welcomed jackson and brody into the world. glen says it was just my ploy to get off bedrest and see emma taylor off to her first day of school. i didn't feel well the night before and had 1 contraction every hour that night. they became regular at 6 am. so i got up told glen that he needed to take me to the dr. that morning after dropping off emma taylor. we packed both girls in the car, said our goodbyes to e.t., drove to the dr. office, had my friend cheryl meet us there to pick up macy, and off we went. the dr.'s hope would have been to stop the contractions but these boys had a different idea. they admitted me to the hospital and prepped me for a csection (brody was breech). 30 minutes before i was scheduled for the operating room my water broke. i was in full labor and 15 minutes later i told the nurses they HAD to take me back or i might have jackson before they get me in there. at 11:14 am we welcomed jackson into the world and at 11:16 am we welcomed brody.

Jackson Glen Scogin
4 lbs 3 oz
17.5 inches

 photo IMG_6270_zpsng8uxl9g.jpg

 photo IMG_6275_zpsyk3whuf2.jpg

 photo IMG_6276_zpsvfohes3m.jpg

 photo IMG_6311_zps4kerjnpg.jpg

Brody Gene Scogin
4 lbs 3 oz
16.5 inches

 photo IMG_6283_zps4gvejar5.jpg

 photo IMG_6291_zpskjgdywmc.jpg

 photo IMG_6298_zpsftxwaqqg.jpg

 photo IMG_6301_zpsbsrjfh0i.jpg

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