Saturday, April 18, 2015

the garden

so we are on our second year of planting a garden. last summer was great for a first year, but we definitely learned a lot. this year we are spacing our garden differently and hopefully staying on top of our garden critters of which we have a TON. we also planted some giant sunflowers (5-8' tall) in the front and planted some other flowers in pots. here is what we are starting with...

glen built some sturdier barriers to {hopefully} keep the dog out this year.

 photo macy 20 months 091_zpsg8njubsk.jpg

our mammoth sunflowers.

 photo macy 20 months 087_zpshcwhkjtm.jpg

dahlia, snapdragons, and something else i can't remember :)

 photo macy 20 months 086_zpsjjzuppdw.jpg

our roses have also started to bloom and the bushes look like they are going to explode soon!

 photo macy 20 months 093_zpsf5sgzdke.jpg

 photo macy 20 months 092_zpsics1opml.jpg

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