Sunday, January 4, 2015

17 months {macy}

 photo 409_zpsb2213d61.jpg

happy 17 months miss macy! i seriously cannot believe that you are 1 month away from being 1 1/2. some days though you act like you are already 2. you hug everyone and give kisses generously. you laugh infectiously at your sister whom you love to pieces. you climb on everything which kills me but i have to let go. you know what you want and what you dont like and you let everyone know your opinion. you are vocal but say very few actual words. you still love animals especially dogs. you love hats and baby dolls and shoes. you like to be the center of attention and sometimes steal it away from your big sister. you and your big sister are the best of friends. i pray that she will always be your best friend and confidant.

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