Sunday, September 21, 2014


I had applied for e.t. to go to a Montessori school this year for the 3 year old program. there are a limited number of spots and sadly she didn't get in. I am so glad she is with us and not in school (and I think macy is too) but I also am feeling like she needs/wants more. so we are starting to learn how to spell her name. I am learning quickly that I couldn't homeschool but preschooling her (if you can call it that) might be worth my effort. so here we are with our first letter "E"!

 photo 1-IMG_3412_zps0ca0efeb.jpg
 photo 1-IMG_3430_zpsabc705e2.jpg

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  1. Hi Emma Taylor! May we have some of your beautiful artwork and also Macy's to put in Nana's and Granddaddy's kitchen??? Please bring with you on Thanksgiving! We love you and can not wait to see you and hug you! Love, Granddaddy and Nana