Monday, August 15, 2011

1 month

our little girl is already 1 month old! i can't believe it. we are getting on a more predictable schedule (at least most days), and she is sleeping great at night. we have been so blessed to have a baby that sleeps at night. she is very alert and definitely likes to be held. she has learned to like her swing too which is where she takes most of her daytime naps. she still loves to be swaddled and needs to be swaddled 90% of the time to sleep. she has been going on play dates or maybe i am taking her along for my play dates. either way she is doing great coming where we want to go. however, she does not do too well if we get off her schedule or doesn't take a good nap. we love her, and i can't wait to see how she develops over the next couple of months.

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